Nominations and Winners of 2020 Edition

NYTVFF is a New York based film festival that shares the dedication and passion of bringing to the big screen independent short and full feature films. We believe that by giving the opportunity to the new ideas of intelligent and unique creators, we would give the audience the chance to appreciate their art.

Best Feature Narrative Nominations: Winner
  • Pretty Men
Best Feature Documentary Nominations: Winner
  • Never Events
  • Pioneers in Skirts
Best Short Narrative: Winner
  • When La Rumorosa Quiets
  • El Sueño Eterno (The Eternal Dream)
  • Si, Quiero (Yes I do)
Best Short Documentary : Winner
  • L’année Du Robot (The year of the robot)
  • Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man
  • Bread salt and Heart
Best Music Video: Winner
  • L. COHEN’ – Homage
  • Iyawo (Wedding day)
  • Just Dance
Best Director: Winner
  • Janer Mena
    (Uno Más)
  • Chris Anthony Hamilton
    (Body and Son)
  • Valmir Tertini
Best Woman Director: Winner
  • Dawn Gifford Engle
    (The Dalai Lama: Scientist)
  • Maria Isabel Lahuerta Bellido
    (Si, Quiero)
  • Sara Newton
Best Production: Winner
  • Pretty Men (My Bittersweet Family)
  • A true story
  • Foretold
Best Documentary Production: Winner
  • The Documentation of Walter Redinger
  • The Doctor Who Refused to Give Up
  • Mike Osterhout & the Church of the Little Green Man
Best Cinematography: Winner
  • Body and Son
  • When La Rumorosa Quiets
  • No, Mr. Mayor
Best Screenplay: Winner
  • Seal
  • Zanmi
  • Heat
Best Drama: Winner
  • I’Father
  • Light
  • A Frantic love 2
Best Romance: Winner
  • One love
  • No Time To Change
Best Comedy: Winner
  • No, Mr. Mayor
  • Just Kill It
Best Horror / Thriller: Winner
  • BOY EATS GIRL: A Zombie Love Story
  • Kaala (Black)
  • Foretold
Best LGBT: Winner
  • Confessio
  • Zanmi
Best Actor: Winner
  • Crister De Leon
  • Jhowar Asprilla
    Uno Más (One More of Us)
  • Francisco Jaime Carrasco
Best Actress: Winner
  • Ana Serzo
  • Jenny Trevino
  • Gaelle Furnie
Best Child Actor: Winner
  • Mahdiyyeh Ahmadirad
  • De’Jon Watts
    (Body and Son)
  • Mal Noah Safqiu
    (Rruga/The Path)
Best Experimental: Winner
  • Lugatka
  • The Key Of Life
  • Secrets, Dreams, Faith and Wonder
Best Human Rights: Winner
  • Rruga / The Path
  • Kaala (Black)
  • Blessed
Best Original Music / Score: Winner
  • Meanwhile in New York
  • Your Parents
  • Arcano 23
Best Animation: Winner
  • The Credits Movie
  • Your Parents
  • La Bestia Humana (The Human Beast)
Best Editing: Winner
  • El Sueño Eterno (The Eternal Dream)
  • A true story